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January 15, 2016

A Kind World: A Story About One Man's Passion for Genealogy

"Joel Obermayer, of Arlington, has recently come to see his father in new light — and he learned that one of his father’s projects helped connect a web of people all over the world."  
[Source: Erika Lantz in a radio series called Kind World at WBUR (NPR in Boston)]

This story is about a man obsessed with genealogy named Arthur Obermayer. He created an award for German non-Jews who preserved Jewish history, which helped people from around the world learn about their ancestors and connect over a shared passion for genealogy and Jewish culture.

You can listen to it or read the transcript of the interview at Kind World #21: Not Just Some History

Arthur passed away on Sunday. He knew he didn’t have long to live when he interviewed for this story, making it all the more meaningful.

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