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January 5, 2016

One Goal Met! 10K Followers on Twitter!

Yesterday, January 4th, I made my goal of reaching 10,000 followers on my Twitter page.

I'd hoped to reach it by December 31, 2015 but better late than never! This was a huge goal for me, one that I set early last year. It has not been easy. In fact it was a great deal of hard work!

Some of you may be puzzled. Why bother getting more followers on Twitter? In fact, why bother with Twitter at all? And why am I so excited about having reached that 10K number?

If you have any interest in making money from genealogy you need Twitter. In fact you need every social media channel you can join. I use Twitter for business and for my personal enjoyment. It's no secret that I earn a living from my genealogy business. But I'm an avid, obsessed genealogist and want to connect to others in the field. I want to meet new cousins. I want to learn new things. Twitter is an enabler in the sense that it enables me to do all of the above.

My Twitter persona may be quite different from yours. I talk about, and share, posts on genealogy, history, archaeology, DNA, military history, women's issues, antiques, cooking, social media, affiliate marketing and more. Twitter connects me to experts and hobbyists in all those fields.

It also allows me to promote my books and my other genealogy business ventures. The bottom line is - the more (quality) followers I have, the more people I have the potential to reach. Think of it this way - if I post (tweet) something to my 10K followers, and 20 of them repost (or retweet) it, and each of those 20 have 1K followers, I've reached another 20K people! 

I'm such a fan of Twitter and have learned so much in the past year about how to attract quality followers, how to engage them and how to keep them from leaving, and how to connect with other genealogists, that I'm actually in the process of writing an e-book about it. It's a fascinating field and I'm eager to find more followers and more interesting and influential people who I can follow. 

If you want to connect with me on Twitter just reach out and follow me on my Twitter page. As long as you have a profile picture of some kind (I do not follow "eggs", that is those who don't put up a profile photo but instead use the Twitter generic egg), and a brief description of your likes and interests,  and we share some common interest, I'll follow you. 

If you are not on Twitter, there's no time like the present. It's fun and it's educational. The only problem I have is the challenge of saying what I want to say in 140 characters or less! But I like a challenge and I am slowly improving.


Michelle Ganus Taggart said...

That's really amazing! I do have a twitter account, but confess my use of it is sporadic at best. But I do enjoy it when I have the time and see its value. 10K is very impressive!

Jana Last said...

Congratulations Lorine!

Jacqi Stevens said...

Touché for making it to 10K on Twitter, Lorine! I love Twitter, despite its haiku-like limitations--you can always link to a blog post with more word space ;)--and wish more people in the genealogy world used it. It's quick, to the point, and free of some of the annoying down sides of places like Facebook.