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January 6, 2016

CSI Medieval: Fingerprints of the Past

"Historical research using forensic fingerprinting techniques on the wax seals of thousands of medieval documents will reveal new insights into 12th to 14th century British society, help determine how unique fingerprints truly are, and uncover medieval crime."

This is what a research project called Imprint will be doing. The team will carefully examine fingerprints and palm prints left behind on the wax seals of documents from the 12th to 14th Centuries. 

Any fingerprints lifted from the wax will be compared to modern fingerprints to see if there are similarities across the generations. There is much more to this unique project so please continue reading CSI Medieval: researchers to uncover forensic secrets of Britain’s historic wax seals

1 comment:

Larry Bryan said...

I wonder if they might reveal DNA samples as well on the document or seals that might have been transferred in the process. This could reveal DNA of some important people of that time.