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February 22, 2016

Woman of Courage Edith Finch

Because February is Women's History Month I wanted to share with my readers the story of strong and courageous women in my life. You will be able to follow along as you wish by choosing the label "Women of Courage" in the right side bar. I encourage my readers to join me in honoring women of courage in your own families.

Race Hill Workhouse
Edith Winnifred Finch, my husband's 2nd great grandmother, was born in the Race Hill Workhouse in Sussex England in 1870. She was the third illegitimate child born to Martha Finch, who had lived in the Workhouse for over 10 years. Martha gave no father's name on little Edith's birth registration and it is not known who he was. 

Sadly Edith was not as lucky as her two older siblngs who had been taken in by their maternal grandparents. She grew up in the Workhouse and was still there 20 years later. Then Edith was hired to work as a servant for a wealthy family. Not long afterwards, 21 year old Edith had a son. It is believed that she became pregnant by the son of the family she worked for. She and her baby Albert were able to rent a room in a private home. 

When Albert was 4 years old Edith's luck seemed to be changing. She met and married Albert Markham in 1895 and a son Frederick and daughter Elsie soon followed. Elsie was born in February 1898 in London England but misfortune struck again. When baby Elsie was 8 months old, her father Albert died and one month later her mother, 28 year old Edith also died. The two boys, ages 2 and 8 years old, were first taken in by relatives but within a few months they were put into orphanages but 9 month old Elsie was taken in by her aunt and uncle.

Edith, through no fault of her own, had a very short and very tragic life. I call her a Woman of Courage for doing her best to make a good life for her children.

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