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February 1, 2016

WooHoo! Olive Tree Genealogy is 20 Years Old!!!

Twenty years ago my life changed. I started Olive Tree Genealogy website at a time when the internet was just in its baby stages. There were no webpage editors, no blogs, and no one I could ask for help. 

I learned to code my webpages manually, using trial and error. Most websites were battleship gray with no bells and whistles. I was pretty excited and proud of myself when I figured out how to make mine pink-peach! 

The winter of 1995 was actually the debut of the Olive Tree Genealogy website but it was only a few pages. 

It's was located at

The nice graphics I created don't display and I don't have them anymore but you get the idea. 

February 1996 saw Olive Tree Genealogy move to as the full-fledged OTE site. Here's what Olive Tree Genealogy website looked like in 1997
In 1998, considering itself all grown up, Olive Tree Genealogy took its own domain name and moved to its current home. 

My website was among the first to bring primary sources to the Internet with its passenger lists of ships from the Netherlands to New York in the 17th Century. 

What started as a project to take my mind off my accident and losing my husband to cancer, became a career! 

Olive Tree Genealogy grew from a dozen pages to over 2500 pages, and over the years have created in total 10 websites and 10 blogs. If interested you can read the full Biography of Lorine, the creator of Olive Tree Genealogy

See the list of my 10 websites and 9 blogs


Alona Tester said...

Wow ... incredible doesn't even cut it. What an amazing effort, and what a huge amount of time you have put in to these to help others. Take some time to celebrate Lorene, you most certainly deserve it.

Wayne Shepheard said...

Congratulations Lorine. I continue to read your contributions daily and always get something of interest from them. Keep up the good work.

Wayne Shepheard at

Susan said...

Congratulations Lorine, thank you very much for all your hard work and constant dedication. I am truly grateful for all that you contribute to the world of genealogy. You are an amazing woman! Enjoy celebrating you achievements.

Dana Leeds said...

That's absolutely incredible! You were a cyber pioneer! Congrats to you & your blog. Thank you for paving the way!