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August 31, 2016

A Second Way to Search for Canadian Burials and Cemeteries on Find-A-Grave!

Olive Tree Genealogy received this note yesterday:

Lorine, I've created a front-end for Canadians to use to search for cemeteries either by province or county using clickable maps. This is useful for either finding a cemetery to browse or to ensure a cemetery does not exist under a different name when creating monuments.  Regards, Bruce Gordon

I checked it out and it's terrific! The first page you see is this map of Canada. I chose ON (Ontario) which is clickable on Bruce's website Stalking the Dead.

 Clicking on ON took me to this page which has a search box and a list of clickable counties in Ontario:

 I typed in VOLLICK into the search box and the results showed all VOLLICK burials in Ontario on Find-A-Grave. What a time-saver this is!

You also have the option of clicking on the county in Ontario (or any other province) and seeing the complete list of cemeteries in that county that are on Find-A-Grave. Choosing Wellington County brought up this:

If you have Canadian ancestors, you will want to try this.  Search Canadian Cemeteries & Burials on Find-A-Grave

Image Credits: Screenshots from Bruce Gordon's website and Find-A-Grave search results


Ellen C said...

This is a great research tool, for Canadian cemeteries!
Just wondering if there is a way to show relationships of people buried in the same cemetery, even if they are not buried near one another? I was thinking of something that would link to the other relatives.

Ellen Conrad
Taber, AB

Wendy Callahan said...

Very handy! Canadian research is one of the areas where I struggle to find records, so it's great to have an easier way to search Find-A-Grave to see if someone is there.

Crissouli said...

I have included your blog in Interesting Blogs at
Thank you, Chris

Bruce Gordon said...


You can add links in Find-a-Grave between spouses and between children and parents.

If you manage the memorial you could add links between individuals using HTML tags in their Biography Section.

If the burial of a parent is unknown you can add the parent to a virtual cemetery and link their children to them until the parent's burial location is known. This way the links to the siblings will show on each otherspages.


Bruce Gordon

T said...

This is great. So simple.

Ellen C said...

Bruce, I will try this. Can I also 'link' family members if I do not manage the memorial? Sometimes, other relations have arrived at the site first.

Bruce Gordon said...


If someone else manages the memorial then you have to submit an edit to link someone to another record that is the parent or child using the ID of the parent or child.

Even records in Virtual Cemeteries can be linked as they have a unique ID on Find-a-Grave.



Diane Scannell said...

Big Thanks to our Elgie cousin, Bruce Gordon, for his work to make our searches easier, and Big Thanks to you, Lorine, for sharing this with us.