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August 20, 2016

Our Immigrant Ancestors: Jan Snediker to New Netherland (New York)

There is a lot of discussion about immigration in America right now. Tempers have flared, and different groups hold various strong opinions. There is also Brexit, where immigration was a large focus of the recent vote which resulted in the U.K. leaving the E.U.

I've been following this for several months and it occurs to me that those of us in Canada, America, and Australia have immigrant ancestors. Have you researched yours? Do you know who they were, why they came to your country and when? Do you know how they fared once settled in their new land? Were they welcomed? Were they shunned? Was their discrimination based on their religion or ethnic origin? These are all questions that are important, and interesting to discover. With that in mind, I'm the dedicating Saturdays (as many as needed) as the day to join me in discussing your immigrant ancestors.

You will be able to read any you are interested in by using the keyword Immigrant Ancestors. I'm going to share each week what I know of my immigrant ancestors to North America (whether that is USA or Canada)

My 9th great-grandfather was Jan Snediker. He was born circaa 1608 in Oldenberg, Germany and died at Midwont (Flatbush), Long Island, in May 1679.

An article "The European Origin of the Snedeker Family" by Jeff Snedeker with Pim Nieuwenhuis and Ted Snediker, New Netherland Connections 1 (1996) provided me with a great deal of interesting and well-documented information about Jan.

Jans Suycker, shoemaker, was a witness at the 1641 New Amsterdam baptism of Albert, son of Albert Cuynen.

Jan first married Grietje Michiels in Sloterdyk North Holland in May 1632, and had one known daughter - Annitgen born circa 1634. At his  marriage in 1632 he is recorded with his patronymic of Gerritsz

May 9, 1632 Marriage. Netherlands, Noord-Holland Province, Church Records, 1523-1948

On 10 Aug 1636 Jan married Annatje Ruys, daughter of Christian Ruys & Cornelia [Ruys], in Amsterdam Holland.

July 27, 1636 Marriage Intention.Netherlands, Noord-Holland Province, Church Records, 1523-1948

Jan and Annatje came to New Netherland (New York) between 1636 and 1640.
Jan and Anntje's children were
  • Jannetje Jans (<1640-1709)
  • Gerret Jansz (ca1640-1692)
  • Tryntje (ca1642-<1681)
  • my ancestor Styntie Jans baptised 23 Feb 1641/42 in New Amsterdam who later married Steven Wolfertszen Ecker
In 1677 Jan Snediker married for a third time to Egbertie Jans.


Cheryl Rothwell said...

Related to Christian Snedeker who m. Pieterje Aten April 25, 1689, in Breukelen, New Amsterdam, and died 1715?

Frances Nelson Salyers said...

While my goal is to trace all of my lines to the Revolutionary War period before venturing across the ponds, I do know the countries of origins of a few of my ancestors. The most recent is Eleanor Alice Fitzsimmons, who came from Ireland. She married in Kentucky in 1855, and I think she arrived no earlier than 1850. Even with the help of a more-experienced researcher, I have had little luck tracing her to a specific county or town in Ireland. She married James A. Cardwell in Union County, Kentucky. The children who lived to adulthood were Edmund T. (b. 1856), Warner Taylor (b. 1858), Mary Elizabeth (b. 30 Mar 1861), Annabelle (b. 1863), Catherine F. (b. 1868), and Margaret (b. 1872). Eleanor Alice Fitzsimmons Cardwell (also known as Ellen and Alice) died 14 March 1922 in St. Louis, where she is buried in Calvary Cemetery, the city's largest Catholic cemetery. I would very much like to link with cousins who can tell me more about her.

Djamailys said...

I'm also a descendant of Jan Snediker and busy with my family tree. (I live in the Netherlands). It is interresting how much his/our family has spread (my parents are from the caribbean) and also how many varants there are of the surname (how it is written).