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October 10, 2016

Yes, it's Thanksgiving! I'm Not Confused

Do you remember your childhood Thanksgiving Days? What was the traditional Thanksgiving Day for you? What is it now? Has it changed very much?

Thanksgiving Traditions - Canadians Got the Date Right!
I don't remember anything special about Thanksgiving as a child except we got to eat Turkey with stuffing that my dad made. It was so good! There were four of us kids and only 2 drumsticks and we all wanted that prized piece of meat. 

We also got my mother's less-than-wonderful mashed potatoes. Her version was to peel and boil potatoes then mash them roughly with a fork - no butter, no milk. They were dry as a bone and I used to smother mine with ketchup just to swallow them! 
Why am I talking about Thanksgiving? Because it is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. 

I often cook a traditional Thanksgiving meal for 15 to 20 people. But this year we are having a very quiet dinner and holiday for just the two of us.

What will you be doing this Thanksgiving?

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