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March 18, 2021

Calling all Van Alstyne descendants! Check Out the New Book on the Family


 Announcing my latest book in my New Netherland Settlers series:

New Netherland Settlers: The Van Alstyne Family: Ancestors and Descendants of Jan Martense & Dirckien Harmense Boertgens

 Available at and

Jan Martense de Wever (the weaver) was the immigrant ancestor of the Van Alstyne family in America. He and his wife, Derckien Hermanse (also recorded as Harmanse) and at least two children came to New York area from Drenthe Province, Netherlands prior to 1655. 

The Dutch Reformed Church in Meppel, Drenthe where Jan and Dirkje were married, has church records for baptisms and marriages dating back to 1626. 

My search of the unindexed Meppel church records revealed the marriage of Jan and Dirckien. Baptisms for three of their children were also found. 

A 1658 Notarial document in Amsterdam revealed the full name of Dirckien, providing the opportunity to find more records for her ancestry. This book provides details of their ancestors and descendants to 3 generations and includes documents and footnotes with sources.

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