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July 29, 2021

Haldimand Obituary Mary Wallace 1906

 Continuing with Haldimand County Ontario obituaries, I have Mary Wallace, 64 years old wife of George, death February 16, 1906

Her marriage to George is found in 1861 as

    Name:     George A. Wallace
Age:     25
Birth Place:     At sea
Residence:     Dunnville
Spouse Name:     Mary Rowe
Spouse Age:     20
Spouse Birth Place:     Wales
Spouse Residence:     Dunn Township
Marriage Date:     26 Sep 1861
Father Name:     Mathew
Mother Name:     Martha
Spouse Father Name:     John
Spouse Mother Name:     Hannah
County:     Haldimand
Microfilm Roll:     1030057

They are found in the 1891 census for Dunnville on Ancestry

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