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April 5, 2009

Petworth Project on Facebook

The Petworth Project has produced books, an archive, and a website dealing with English emigrants who came to Canada with the help of the Petworth Emigration Committee 1832-1837 and up to 1850 ( Some 2000 men, women, and children came to Canada mainly from Sussex, but also in some numbers from Surrey, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, and Cambridgeshire. They travelled through Quebec City and Montreal to Ontario, and from there they and their descendants have spread across North America and beyond.

And now Petworth has a group on Facebook-as an extension of the website. Both were developed in response to continuing interest from genealogists.

Our website form "Sharing Petworth Family History" is for new, or corrected, information about the first generation emigrants who are the subject of our books. The response showed us that family historians also appreciate a more informal forum-the Facebook group provides just that. It's a place to ask about possible Petworth connections or make contacts with other descendants of these families. It's also
a great way to share photographs of Petworth emigrants or the places associated with them.

You will find us at
Petworth Emigrants. To share your Petworth interests and join discussions you will need to register at Facebook. Registration is free and quick, requiring nothing more than a name (you can use a nickname) and an e-mail address.

Brenda Dougall Merriman, CG

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