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February 1, 2011

How to Transfer FTM files from a Windows PC to a Mac

Family Tree Maker 2011 DeluxeRecently I upgraded from FTM2005 to FTM2011. Yes - it was a huge jump and a steep learning curve. In fact I’m still learning the ins and outs of 2011.

To add to my challenge, I also purchased a MacBookAir. I’ve never used a Mac, being a Windows PC user for many years. I do have an iPad and iPhone so am familiar with Apple products but a MacBook is quite different.

I found myself struggling with the new Mac operating system but needed to get my programs installed and files moved before my upcoming trip to Salt Lake City Utah. 

Family Tree Maker for MacMy next move was to install FTM for Mac on my new MacBookAir. That was easy. But how to move my Windows files for FTM over to my Mac? Could it be done? I needed to be able to work in identical programs on two vastly different machines - my main Windows computer and my MacBookAir.

Thanks to FTM’s File Migration Utility Guide (a one page how-to) it was super easy!

My first step was to put my FTM for Mac CD into my PC CD-ROM drive. There is a folder called FTM FILE MIGRATION UTILITY and there I found and clicked on FTMFileMigrationSetup.exe  This automatically installed the File Migration Utility for Windows on my PC.

Next I made sure my machines were connected via my network. I could have used a flash drive, DVD or even an FTP program to transfer files but I wanted to try it via the network connection.

I created my GEDCOM in 2005 and then exported it to 2011. Done.

Next step was to open FTM on my Mac and choose IMPORT, then my shared network (which is my main computer), select the FTM2011 file I had just created from the FTM2005 GEDCOM and import it.

Bingo! Done. My FTM files from my Windows PC were safely installed on my new MacBookAir and accessible in my FTM for Mac. Now to learn how to use FTM2011!


Tamura Jones said...

There is no "FTM 2011 for Mac". It is simply called FTM for Mac because it really is FTM 2010 for Mac.
That is a documented shortcoming of FTM for Mac; last year's Windows product on Mac today.
Family Tree Maker for Mac is back

Barbara Poole said...

All I can say is wow and kudos to you. I'm still with FTM6, and have FTM10. At least I know it works. Glad you shared this good news.

Genealogy Blogger said...

Thanks for catching my goof Tamura. I should have double-checked my original package before I wrote my blog post. You are quite correct, it is called FTM for Mac

Amy said...

I'm still with the 2006 version. I upgraded to FTM 2008 back when it first came out. It was awful -- slow, slow, slow. So I went back to using 2006.