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February 11, 2011

RootsTech Day 2

This morning's Keynote Speaker at RootsTech was Curt B. Witcher, Historical Genealogy Department Manager in Allen County Public Library. It was an inspiring and motivating talk and the very full room appeared to be captivated (as I was).

Mr. Witcher made the point that this is the best of times for genealogists. Emerging technologies are allowing us to search for our ancestors more efficiently, and enabling us to find more information in a shorter time span. We can also share our stories more easily, and sharing is very important.

When we find that document or record for great great grandpa, instead of carefully preserving it in acid free folders then closing the filing cabinet drawer, we should take that next step! The next step is to study, analyze and evaluate what we found AND share it with others. Sharing gives us power and helps us hold on to memories. The talk was very inspiring and if you ever get an opportunity to hear Mr. Witcher, please do yourself a favor and go!

After I left the speaker room and returned to the Media Hub, I had an opportunity to interview Curt. I'm very excited to write up my interview notes and share that with my readers so stay tuned for that sometime next week.

Just a reminder that you can follow my RootsTech tweets on at @LorineMS or follow all of those tweeting about the convention by searching for the RootsTech hashtag (#RootsTech)

1 comment:

Kevin said...

Even watching from home online, this was a great presentation. He clearly 'gets it'. Exciting to watch the industry embrace technology.