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February 14, 2011

RootsTech Kudos

Well, RootsTech ended on Saturday. It was an action-packed, stimulating conference! At first I wasn't sure how FamilySearch could pull off the seemingly unlikely combination of genealogy and technology, but they did. The excitement and eagerness in the Exhibit Hall and Meeting Rooms was palpable.

FamilySearch pulled off an amazing feat of organization in just 7 short months. The keynote speakers were incredibly dynamic (I have an interview to publish with one of the speakers, stay tuned for that!). Presentations and group discussions were stimulating. Exhibitors showed items and had booths that invited participation from attendees. I interviewed several people (exhibitors, speakers, etc), both formally and informally and will be writing and publishing those sometime this week.

Kudos to all involved in organizing RootsTech!

I'm definitely attending RootsTech 2012! Hope to see you there too.

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Kerry Scott said...

Thanks for your're one of the people I wish I'd had a chance to spend more time with one-on-one (although I was in your publishing panel and it was FANTASTIC). Next year!