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March 11, 2011

Six RootsTech Videos Online

And RootsTech just keeps on giving... For those who missed the amazing RootsTech Technology-Genealogy Conference in February, now's your chance to watch a few selected videos

The following Videos are now online for all to enjoy:

* Jay Verkler, February 2011 Presenter: “RootsTech: Turning Roots, Branches, Trees Into Nodes, Links, Graphs”
* Barry Ewell, February 2011 Presenter: “Digitally Preserving Your Family History”
* Curt Witcher, February 2011 Presenter: “The Changing Face of Genealogy”
* Brian Pugh, “Cloud Computing: What It Is and How Its Being Used”
* Thomas MacEntee, February 2011 moderator: “Virtual Presentations Roundtable”
* Brewster Kahle, February 2011 Presenter: “Personal Archiving and Primary Documents”

Quoting from the RootsTech website: "Learn more about how technology is enhancing the world of family history—all from the comfort of your home or office."

I was privileged to interview both Jay Verkler and Curt Witcher during RootsTech. My interview with Mr. Witcher can be found here.

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