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March 14, 2011

So Many Apps, So Little Time!

Do you like to be notified via your iPhone or iPad the minute someone mentions you on Twitter, or sends you a message or comments on something you posted or liked on Facebook? Do you hate the normal push notifications on your iPhone or iPad?

If yes, then you might like this little (free) app I recently installed on my iPhone and iPad. It's called Boxcar and it's been around for awhile. I didn't hear about it until November when I read a review on TechCrunch

I'm always on the lookout for a good app. There are so many that sometimes I feel it's impossible to make a choice! So I like to find reviews by people or companies I trust and then try the app myself.

I downloaded Boxcar from the App Store last month and set it up for my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I really like it. I can't tell you it has a lot of specific genealogical uses but there are so many iPhone and iPad apps that I thought I'd share one I use and like. And no, I don't get paid anything to promote Boxcar, I just like it!

You can set Boxcar up to send you instant notifications on your Email accounts, RSS feeds (so you could get notified when your favourite genealogy blogs are updated), Foursquare and many other services.

There's also a paid upgrade to Boxcar which eliminates ads but they're very unobtrusive in a bar across the bottom of your device - so for me that's not a big deal.

If you try Boxcar and you think of a great way to use it to help with genealogy, please let me know by way of a comment here on my blog. I'm always looking for ways to incorporate my iPhone or iPad apps into my love of genealogy.

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Cheryl Cayemberg said...

Thanks! I'll be checking it out!