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January 1, 2015

2015 Goals & Dreams

2014 is over. It was a pretty good year other than my health and mobility issues. I have a lot of genealogy ideas, plans, hopes and dreams for 2015. As I mentioned in my previous blog post New Year's Genealogy Resolutions for 2014 - Did I Achieve Them? this year I'm focusing on one goal - to write more genealogy books. 

2015 Goals & Dreams
One of my Facebook friends mentioned that she doesn't like the word goals so she calls hers "Things I hope to accomplish" That's not quite strong enough for me (it's the "hope to" part I don't care for personally) but I thought I'd list a few things I'm going to try my darndest to accomplish this year. 

My One Main Goal for 2015

Write more genealogy books. Specifically I plan to finish my murder mystery novel set in Salt Lake City (it's almost done, I'm on my 20th edit!), finish my book on Genealogy Activities for Children, and finish up the half-dozen eBooks I have in the works sitting on the back burner. 

Things I'm Pretty Determined to Do in 2015

I am determined to learn how to design my own covers for my paperback books without using the online cover creators. I want more control over fonts, placement of images, etc

Things I Am Going to Work Very Hard to Complete But Realistically Might Not Get Done

I'd love to finish the last volumes of my Peer Family in North America series. Descendants have been asking for them for a few years now.

I want to find a program that will allow me to easily set up a website I bought years ago for my Lost Faces photo albums. They are currently on a section of my main website but I want them on their own site, where I can freely share them with other genealogists and descendants. I do not want to do that site manually as I have over 3,000 photos and it's overwhelming to begin. So far I've not found a program that will create what I want.

Things I Dream Will Magically Happen

I will wake up one morning and all my digital photos will be labelled, tagged and organized

I wish someone would redesign my website Olive Tree Genealogy and surprise me with it. It desperately needs a makeover as I created it in 1996 - some 19 years ago!! It needs a facelift badly.


I'm pretty sure I won't get all the above items done. But isn't it fun to plan and set goals? What do you hope to accomplish in 2015?

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Beth said...

I hope this isn't a duplicate comment, I apologize. The web seems to hate me today. You posted here about ten years ago (!) about a Miller-Weaver bible. There's a mention of a Louisa Miller who might be, by the general time frame and place, an ancestor I've been hunting down. Is there any more information about Millers, especially dates? Thank you so much for your time.

Olive Tree Genealogy said...


My other blog Family Bibles which is where you saw the Miller Bible, is made up of listings I spot on eBay. I don't own any of the bibles.


Beth said...

Thank you so much for responding. Happy New Year!

T said...

No! No! No! Please don't redesign the web site! I HATE having to relearn web sites. I know where stuff is now. I don't want to have to look for it! And worse yet, remember where the new spot is.