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January 23, 2015

Earl G. Gregory's WW2 Navy ID Tags Need to Go Home (Case #24)

Sue wrote to Olive Tree Genealogy with a request for help sending a WW2 Navy ID Tag back to family
Earl G. Gregory's WW2 Navy ID Tags Need to Go Home (Case #24)
I would like to find a home for the attached dog tag.  My father ran a wrecker service in DeKalb, Illinois and found this in a car many years ago.  It is for Earl George Gregory.
After receiving Sue's email I did some research. The first thing I noticed was that this was a Navy ID Tag (USN on the tag)

A search on found this record for Earl:

Earl George Gregory
Birth Date:18 Dec 1916
Death Date:11 Jun 1990
Cemetery:Thomason Cemetery
Cemetery Address:Main St Wayne City, IL 62895

Find-A-Grave shows his wife as Anna, buried with him.

If you can help find Earl's family, we can add this to our solved cases with a happy ending. There is probably a family member who would treasure this item, let's help find Earl's family and send it home.  


Judi McDowell said...

I found another possible Earl G. Gregory. Age 98 living 25 miles from DeKalb, IL.

Anonymous said...

contact VA in the area...ddr214/ discharge papers /next of kin?

Julie said...

Long story short, I think I found someone who might either be interested in the tags or will know someone who will. Sending you a private email.

Unknown said...

Gosh! That's an incredible story. Here he is in the Navy Memorial; He has a niece(Pam Gruter) living over in Rochelle that would be glad to drive over and get the dog tags. I'll call her, and let her know about your incredibly thoughtful act.
I think my mom is Earl's oldest surviving relative. Thanks, Jim

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Hi Jim - if you can give me a way to contact your and/or Pam, I will pass that info on the person who has the tags and you can work out how to get them.

Please contact me privately
olivetreegenealogy AT gmail DOT com

So glad to see another happy ending!