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January 10, 2015

Teachers in Upper Canada 1855 Receiving Pensions

Olive Tree Genealogy has added images and a list of 120 teachers who were being superannuated, or given a pension, in Upper Canada in 1855. Each teacher is numbered and there are two pages for each entry. Find your name of interest and note the number beside the name. Then find the second page for that same number to read the details. I have transcribed the names from each image to assist researchers.

Teachers in Upper Canada 1855 Receiving Pensions
1855 Superannuated Teachers
As an example No. 1 is John McAuley, born Ireland. His religion is Church of Scotland and he lives in Innisfil. He is 74 years old, suffers from age and infirmity and has been teaching in Upper Canada 22 years. His pension amount is given. The next page for No. 1 shows that he was a teacher for 50 years, he taught in W. Gwillimbury, Essa, Tecumseth and Innisfil. He was a teacher in Nova Scotia from 1817-1830. 

Each thumbnail can be clicked on to view a larger image. Note that an * beside a name indicates the teacher is now deceased

No. 1-29: John McCauley *, Robert Mason, Magnus Swanson, Donald Currie, James Baird, john O'Connor, Anthony Lewars, Thos. J. Graffe, Don'd McDermid, James Benton, Henry Gough, Jas. Breakenridge, John gillon, Robert C. Mills, john W. Leonard, Peter Stewart, David Thompson, John Price, Wm. Gordon, Crawford Rainey, Benjamin Warren, Thos. McMaster, Ronald Smith, Wm. McEdward, Wm. Dowling, Geo. Fieldhouse 

No. 30-59: Olmstead Gates *, John McKenzie, Patrick Benson, Francis Sharp, john McDonell *, Francis Foster, Donald McDonald, John Ker, James Brenan, Thos. Hudson, Wm. M. Hynes *, Jane Johnston, W. R. Thornhill, Wm. Ireland, john Fletcher, John B. Emons, John Nowlan, W. P. Huston, george Reynolds, Wm. martin, john Bick, Michael Koen, Alex. Miller, John Donald, Angus McDonnell, james Forde, John Livingston, Gilber McAulay 

No. 60-90: Gideon Gibson, Wm. Begg, John Bradley, henry st. Leger, Robt. Thompson, johnston Neilson, Patrick McKee, John Brennan, Margaret jessop, Thos. White, Joshua Webster, Norman McLeod, Samuel P. stiles, M. Kineborough, Arch'd. Campbell, Wm. Foster, Wm. Glasford, john Hoyt, wm. Powers, John Vert, Wm. Benson, Wm. Kearns, D. McKenzie, james Leys, John Healy, Hector McRae, Wm. Campbell, J. Carruthers 

No. 91-120: Alex. Cowan, Emily Cozens, Wm. Dermott, Jas. E. Durick, Hugh Hagan, Walter Hick, J. Higginbotham, j.B. Hingston, T. Jones, W.H. King, Wm. leonard, R. McDonald, Thos. Mordue, Samuel Peterson, Benj. Spillsbury, R. Williams, Daniel Wing, Wm. Taylor, Wm.Kane, Matt. Devereux, Michael O'Kane, T. Q. Clendennan, neil McKinnon, Alex. Jenkins, Isab. Kennedy, henry Livesley, William Millar, Robert Beattie, john L. Biggar, William Corry 

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