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January 20, 2009

Where are you, Elizabeth Shuart Jamieson?

Dear Elizabeth Jamieson nee Shuart

Where are you? Are your parents Henry Shuart and Rachel DeGraw? Are you descended from the Soert (Shuart) line of New Netherland (New York)?

I know you were born in either New York, Pennsylvania or New Jersey circa 1801

I know you married James Jamieson, an Irishman before 1835.

I know you lived in Flamborough Twp West, Wentworth County Upper Canada (Ontario) in 1851. The census says your husband was James Jameson [sic], age 65, born Ireland, cooper. You were listed as born United States, age 50. Your children were James age 16, Lydia (my ancestor) age 14 and George age 10, all born in Ontario.

After 1851 everyone in your family disappears except for my ancestor Lydia who is found in the 1861 census married to Isaac Vollick.

After many years of searching for you, your husband and your sons, I finally found your sons George and James in the 1870 Census for Austin, Sanilac, Michigan.

George is in every census after 1870 - in some he says his mother Elizabeth was born in New York. In others you say New Jersey. George says he arrived in Michigan in 1863 so why can't I find him in 1861 in Ontario?

I was pretty happy to find out that George's middle name is Henry! That helps support my theory that you, Elizabeth, are the daughter of Henry Shuart and Rachel DeGraw. You probably named little George Henry after your dad and your husband James' dad.

James is being more difficult. I found him in the census records after 1870 but he says you were born in Pennsylvania in 3 census years, then claims New York as your birthplace. It would really help if I knew where you were born Elizabeth!

Elizabeth, some family members say that you married a Mr. Hunt after James Jamieson died. I haven't found any proof of that but then again, you pulled your disappearing act after that 1851 census.

The 3 Shuart individuals (Lydia, Margaret and Hiram Shuart) who I think are your siblings are also said to be born in either New York or Pennsylvania. I kind of think Joseph Shuart is another sibling. All of you settled in Ontario in the early 1800s.

Here's an outline descendant tree, can you look it over and tell me if it's correct so far?

Descendants of Henry Shuart

Henry Shuart 1768 -? +Rachel De Graw 1770 -?

Possible Children:

Joseph Shuart 1790 - 1851 +Christina 1791 -
Lydia Shuart 1794 - 1865+Job Skinner 1787 - 1815
*2nd Husband +James McGarry 1796 - 1882
Margaret Shuart 1798 - 1851 +Adonijah Taylor 1788 - 1851
Elizabeth Shuart 1801 -? +James Jamieson 1786 - ?
*possible 2nd Husband +Daniel Hunt? 1804 - ?
Hiram Shuart 1807 - 1881 +Catherine Alice (Alice) Skinner 1812 - 1868

So Elizabeth, let me know where you are and who you are! I've been looking for you for many years now and I'm getting tired of chasing a shadow.

Your 3rd great-granddaughter,

P.S. Could you maybe drop me a line to tell me what happened to your husband James Jamieson, my 4th great grandfather? Thanks!


Write Way Communications said...

I have Shuarts in my tree - that you have not mentioned here. I do also have that Elizabeth Shuart, b. around 1800 in US - married a James Jamieson.

Here are my Shuarts:

14. James Jamieson [35735], born abt. 1786 in Ireland. He married 15. Elizabeth Shuart [35736], born abt. 1801 in USA..

Children of James Jamieson and Elizabeth Shuart were as follows:
Lydia Jamieson [2830], born 1837-10-11 in Wentworth Co., Ontario, Canada.; died 1917-10-15 in Flos Twp., Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada.; buried 10-1917 in Hillsdale, Cemetery, Ontario, Canada.. She married bef. 1858 in Ontario, Canada. Isaac Vollick [2812], born 1832-01-15 in Ontario, Canada.; died 1904-03-25 in Con 5, Flos Twp., Simcoe County, Ontario. Canada.; buried 1904-03-27 in Flos Twp., Simcoe County, Ontario, son of Richard Vollick [2810] and Elizabeth Betsy Burkholder [2811].

John Jonas Vollick [2824], born 1847-09-03 in East Flamboro Tp., Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada.; died 1918-05-23 in Bayfield, Huron County, Ontario. Canada.. He married on 1873-07-01 in Exeter County, Ontario, Canada. Susannah Mariah Shuart [2865], born 1849-09-26 in Hay Twp. Huron County, Ontario, Canada.; died 1903-09-25 in Hay Twp. Huron County, Ontario, Canada; buried 1903-09-25 in Ontario, Canada., daughter of Hiram Shuart [35733] and Catherine Alice Skinner [35734].

Does this help at all? email:

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Hi melanie - I have all this info but thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. What I don't have is the final death and burial of Elizabeth Shuart who was married to James Jamieson but remarried twice after his death.

The book I wrote on the Vollick family " From Van Valkenburg to Vollick: V. 2 Cornelius Vollick and his Follick and Vollick Descendants to 3 Generations" covers this family and is available on Amazon