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August 23, 2013

Orphan Photo: Anyone Want to Claim William Daniel Gilbert from Pennsylvania?

Orphan Photo: :Anyone Want to Claim William Daniel Gilbert from Pennsylvania?
On the left is a  lovely photo of a young boy, labelled on the reverse "William Daniel Gilbert, Pennsylvania" 

I own this photo. But here's the odd thing - I am not related to this family. I don't know why I have the photo. I did not purchase it. I have a vague memory that someone many years ago mailed it to me. But I don't know why as I have no connection to the Gilbert family.

So my hope is that posting about this today and including the photo of this adorable young boy, someone out there can claim him as an ancestor. If he's yours, you can have this photo to cherish as I will mail it to you.

He must be young as he is wearing a skirt. That means he was not yet out of diapers. It's a difficult photo to date as my copy is a reproduction and so I don't have the original to see what type of photo it was (CDV? Cabinet Card?) So I really can't offer any guess as to a year.

I have many 1800s identified photographs on Lost Faces so why not take a peek to see if there's an ancestor of yours? There are photos from 63 antique photo albums and each album averages 50 photographs. So you can take a look through over 3000 photos that I have online now.

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