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August 5, 2013

WW1 Photo Album Page 6

Continuing on with my WW1 Photo Album archive here is the 6th page in Doris' album. This was a very exciting page for me to find in this album! Yes the photos are dark and blurry but I am thrilled to see them because they are of my mom as a baby taken circa early 1917 with her older sister and her parents.

I do not have many photos of my Grandfather Fuller who died before I was born. What a thrill to see him, and to see my Grandmother as a young bride with her two little daughters.

 This is my Grandfather Fuller with my mother. She was born in September 1916 so this photo is almost certainly Spring or summer of 1917
 This is Grandpa Fuller and I think he is holding my mom but I can't be positive, even after I lightened the photo.

 This is my Grandmother Fuller and I am pretty sure the baby is my mother. It looks like Grandma might still be wearing a maternity smock so no doubt she had a little post-baby weight still to lose
 This is my mom sitting on the blanket with her older sister Lillian
 This is Uncle Ern with Auntie Cordie but I am not sure if the child is their daughter Doris or their daughter who died young
 I am sad at how dark this photo is because it is my mom in what looks like a christening gown. She is being held by an adult but even with making the photo lighter I cannot tell who is holding her. Her sister Lillian is in a baby walker.


Celia Lewis said...

What wonderful photos, Lorine! Absolutely heart-warming to see those - and someone did a lovely job of arranging them, too.

Danni Altman-Newell said...

What a wonderful set of pictures!!!

WCT said...

You say you've tried to lighten the dark pictures but you didn't mention how. Some graphics programs have a feature that may help. The one I'm familiar with, GraphicConverter on Mac OS X, calls this "Levels". It is tough to describe in words but it can pull detail out of murky shadows that is sometimes miraculous. Free trial at:

Rudimentary overview of the Levels command at:

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Thanks Celia. I am almost positive it would be my Auntie Cordie who arranged the photos.

I'm going to try fixing them and making them clearer. Wish me luck!

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Thanks WCT, am going to check that out now