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August 2, 2013

UPDATE 1921 Canadian Census: Minister, via LAC admits "We're Late"

UPDATE 1921 Canadian Census: Minister, via LAC admits "We're Late"
Please Sign the Petition!
Olive Tree Genealogy received this update on the much anticipated 1921 Canadian Census. We have a new Minister of Canadian Heritage, Shelly Glover, and a new petition has been created addressed to Ms. Glover.

Please read the update below and take a moment to sign the petition. Your signature is important!

Minister, via LAC [Library & Archives Canada] admits "We're Late"... & new webpage +

by Bill Robinson
Petition Organizer
Before changing the petition to reflect the new minister [Shelly Glover, Minister of Canadian Heritage]:

I phoned Ottawa twice. Apparently a Hervieux Dery referred both calls to the Manager who actually oversees this work. Hilary Morgan at 613-894-4087 said that they are still preparing the metadata for these 200,000 images.

It seems they have a small pilot project to allow external input for the indexing, but this is one of many improvements that are still in the works. She volunteered to call me back in one to two weeks with further info.

She seemed very knowledgeable and said she knew of Lisa Dillon, for example. She seemed genuine, but unfamiliar with our petition and why we don't even have an acknowledgements of the over 3,400 emails.

Crossing my fingers.

Please spread the word about this change of address and the news.

Thanks to all. 


Credits: "Signature With Ballpoint Pen " by digitalart from DigitalPhotos.Net

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