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December 19, 2015

Invite an Ancestor for Christmas Dinner: #5 on my Guest List

Today I invite all of you to join me in coming up with an ancestor guest list for your Christmas Dinner. If you don't celebrate Christmas, feel free to choose a different holiday. 

Each day between now and December 25 I am going to invite one of my ancestors to join our family to celebrate with a traditional Turkey Dinner. 

Please think about who you want to invite and tell us why you want to have them at your table. Would you have a gift for them under the tree? What would it be? 

So far I have invited 2 male ancestors (Joseph McGinnis and David Simpson) and 2 female (Ots-Toch and Anna Kuhn). I desperately want to chat with my great-grandfather Stephen Peer because he was attacked by an axe-weilding neighbour in 1895 and seems to have been a bit of a scrapper his entire life. 

I'm also curious about Great-Grandpa's brother Harmon P. Peer who became famous for his base-jumping at Niagara and in the USA in the 1870s. To add to my fascination is Great-Grandpa's cousin Stephen Peer who walked Niagara Falls on a tightrope and has the dubious distinction of being the only tightrope walker to die while on his tightrope. Imagine the conversation that we'll have about his daredevil family!

I guess it wouldn't be considered humorous for me to give Great-Grandpa a safety helmet for his Christmas gift? But he sure could use one as that axe fracturing his skull no doubt led to his death not long afterwards. 


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