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September 19, 2016

Ohio Mystery of the Wandering Tombstone

I love stories like this! What a great mystery in Ohio.

A Copley Township landowner recently discovered a 19th century headstone buried in underbrush on land that has belonged to his family for at least 60 years. The marble slab is for Akron businessman William D. Stevens (1819-1886).

The mystery is that Mr. Stevens is buried in a family plot at Glendale in Akron Ohio, and this is confirmed by cemetery records. So how and why did his tombstone end up on a stranger's land? Mr. Steven's body there too?

Continue reading at Local history: Unearthed Copley headstone is mystery beyond grave

Image: Screenshot from Akron Beacon Journal website 


Anonymous said...

Interesting story, makes you wonder what else has been lost from long ago.

Anonymous said...

Checked the map and it seems that the north side of the cemetery is the Copley Road - route 162 and it goes directly to Copley. So, expect that has to be the route taken by the stone!! Humm!!! So, has anyone had the idea that the stone might be a first draft or needed correcting or was a rejected sample (?? just an idea!) Seems like a fun puzzle!! RIP Mr. Stevens!

Unknown said...

Any idea if this mystery stone is older than the one in the cemetery? If that were the case it could be that the one in the cemetery is newer and the mystery stone is the original? I say this because my mother in law's original stone is at our house (my husband chose to keep it) because a new one was placed in the cemetery. Why it was found on someone else's property would still be a mystery, however.