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September 30, 2016

Irish Orphans to Australia in 1853

 Irish Central has an interesting story of the Mountbellow Workhouse orphan girls being sent to Australia in 1853. From the website - this explanation:
The Mountbellew Workhouse Project was established to trace the descendants of the Irish emigrants who traveled on board the Palestine ship to Australia in 1853. On board were 33 Mountbellew workhouse orphan girls. The project is trying to connect with as many of the orphan workhouse girls' descendants in Australia in the hope of telling the girls' stories, establishing where they came from in Galway and, hopefully, connecting with their Irish cousins. Also, some of the orphan girls' siblings went to the USA.
The list of girls is given on the website. If you have any information on those mentioned in this story please contact the Mountbellew Workhouse Project Facebook page
Read the names of the girls and their stories at Could your ancestor have been an orphan workhouse girl who emigrated in 1853?

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