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September 7, 2016

Preserve the Pensions Project Fully Funded!

Thanks to Judy Russell for posting about this news on Facebook.

The Preserve the Pensions project has been fully funded! An anonymous donor of $500,000, the match by Ancestry, and the donations of FGS2016 attendees have managed to fully fund the project. The War of 1812 pension files will be digitized and put online for all genealogists and researchers to use at no cost.

Preserve the Pensions Project was begun to preserve and digitize 7.2 million pages of War of 1812 Pension Records with the help of the genealogy community.

I think we all need to give a huge thank you to as well as those individuals who generously gave donations. Ancestry gets bashed a lot in public forums but look at what they have done!  

In support of this monumental task of digitizing 7.2 million pages, has provided a dollar for dollar matching grant, so every dollar contributed will make four more pages accessible and free for everyone.

This is great news for genealogists who need access to those War of 1812 Pension Records! 

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