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May 20, 2019

Funeral Cards - an Overlooked Genealogy Resource

Funeral cards are an overlooked free genealogical resource. They often contain both the Birth date and Death date and can be used as a substitute for vital records. Technically they are not a substitute for vital records as the person giving the info might not have known for sure when the deceased was born or died but they can be used with caution, just as genealogists should use death certificates.

Unfortunately these valuable resources are scattered and there has not been a single repository for this resource until now. is working on  creating the largest funeral card database online.

To view the list of funeral card names, please choose a Funeral Death Card by location or by Surname Letter. Please Note: A lot of the funeral cards and Memorial cards on Ancestors At Rest do not have a known location so it is important that you look for the ancestor you want to find by surname.

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1 comment:

Mary Lou Gravatt said...

Funny how articles appear when needed. This morning a Funeral Card fell off the shelf of my desk and I was wondering how should I archive these. I have many ours, and both set of parents and my aunts. Probable the oldest are from the 1950's most have the birth and death dates. Some of the newer ones have pictures of the deceased.
Thanks for post the article about the Funerals Cards.

Mary Lou Morris Gravatt