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May 31, 2019

Past Voices - Is There an Ancestor's Letter Waiting for You?

One of my many interests is in the letters written by our ancestors. Those words from the past resonate with me, even if the person who wrote them is not related to me. Some of my readers may not know that I have a website that features letters - letters from the Civil War, letters from the later 19th century, even some from early 19th century. Allow me to introduce my website Past Voices.

Past Voices gives our ancestors a voice - and these voices from the past come alive in their letters. Letter writing has long been an important mode of interpersonal and official communication. As long ago as 3500 BC, Sumerians sent "letters" written on cuneiform tablets in clay "envelopes". Letter writing flourished in the seventeenth century in Europe and it was an extremely important form of communication. As public postal services were established letter-writing increased even more dramatically.

WW1 Letter

Many letters on Past Voices are from soldiers far from home. Nothing tells the true reality of war more than the simple writings of the common soldier. These poignant letters from lonely men to their mothers, wives or sweethearts will touch your heart. Some letters will leave you bewildered by their unemotional telling of horrors almost beyond our comprehension. 
1798 Letter to "Honored Mother"
Past Voices also contains letters and memoirs from ordinary individuals going about their everyday lives. These letters provide us with a sense of history, of being there and experiencing life with the people who write about the times they live in.

On Past Voices you can find your roots and hear your ancestors' words across the generations. Add branches to your family tree as you find your genealogy.

You can also learn how to find and preserve old documents, family treasures and heirlooms.

I hope you find an ancestor, but if you do not, please take time to listen to these past voices

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