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August 3, 2010

Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are

Recently I purchased a small silver-plated ornate snuffbox to add to my collection. Engraved on the lid is the name John Blane and the address 78 Queen St. Glasgow. It's quite pretty with ornate carvings and appears to be silver-plated brass.

Before I put it in my display case with my other snuffboxes I plan to have a hunt for this John Blane. Questions come to mind immediately. How old is the snuffbox? Finding John should help date it.

Was it owned by an individual or is it an advertising box?

I'm hoping I can not only date the box but find the genealogy of this John Blane

Another aspect of being a genealogy addict is this need to find out about the people who owned the objects I now have in my possession.

So watch out John Blane, I'm looking for you!

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Olive Tree Genealogy said...

hummer has left a new comment on your post "Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are":

So wonderful of you. Love reading your posts.!
Some of it is that I don't feel obsessed after reading. ; )