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October 7, 2013

Civil War Photos Turned into Color

Civil War Photos Turned into Color
I hope everyone has seen the story and photos of Civil War Photos Reddit America Amazing American Civil War Photos Turned Into Glorious Color

On the Colorized History Subreddit, Redditors use photo manipulation to add color to historical black and white images. Using photos from the the Library of Congress website they have turned some Civil War photos into amazing images that seem to jump off the page

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Credits: Color by Mads Dahl Madsen/Photo From Library Of Congress


Melanie Frick said...

I had seen the Civil War series, but not the Colorized History Subreddit - thanks for sharing! It's so creative and I feel that young students would really respond to the pictures as a way of making history seem not so far away.

Social Media Services said...

Classs!!! Excellent photography.. I so love the contrast between the color in the background and the 4 objects in the front.