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October 11, 2013

YouWho - New Genealogy Website Sounds Intriguing! sounds intriguing! It's a new Genealogy startup website co-founded by two former executives. The premise is that YouWho gathers old photographs, both from outright purchases and from visitor uploads to the site. 

Through facial recognition software and visitors' tagging of individuals in the photos, YouWho will find descendants. Their slogan is "YouWho will show you who you are"

YouWho plans to allow visitors to upload documents, photographs and other memorabilia to the site. It can be public or private and according to a YouWho video, users can also sell copies.

That sounds great, I mean we'd all love to be tracked down and told there's a photo or letter online of one of our ancestors but that's a tall order! We'll just have to wait and see.  Olive Tree Genealogy will keep you posted when there is anything new to report. I just registered online for my home page on the site. I'm certainly intrigued even though their welcome popup was a little "cute" for my taste! 

Meantime why not visit my Lost Faces website where I have published almost 3000 photographs from the mid 1800s. Some are identified, some are not but you may find an ancestor or two there.

There are also letters on my site Past Voices so pop over there too and see if you can find an ancestor's letter in the collection.

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Brian Nichols said...

I'm pretty excited about too. It'd be interesting to see how it grows, and develops. And I must say that your Lost Faces section is amazing! I think my favorite is the Carte de Visite. We should all start taking calling card size pictures and start trading them like our ancestors did!