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October 16, 2013

DNA Specials! Great Chance to Test Your DNA

My readers know how excited I am about DNA testing for genealogy (and other reasons). So far I've had results for my own DNA tests from  Family Tree DNA, and the now defunct DNA-me.

I loved that 23andMe told me how much Neanderthal DNA I had! 

I've also submitted a DNA kit to for testing and my results should be in any day now. Testing with more than one company is important as each company runs a different algorithm to test your sample. So combining all the results gives you a much better and more detailed look at your DNA.

So I'm excited to tell you that Ancestry is currently offering Free Shipping with Coupon Code: FREESHIPDNA on all DNA kit orders. Just use the link below to order your DNA Kit today!

Free Shipping with DNA Kit Purchase at! Use Code: FREESHIPDNA

Caveat: Ancestry does not ship DNA kits to Canada.  I happened to be visiting a friend in New York and had mine shipped there.

1 comment:

g and r said...

Just wondering if you have dabbled with Gedmatch with your 23andMe or FTDNA results. You haven't really gone into any 3rd party tools for DNA test results.
The fact Ancestry test not available in Canada is quite silly. I'm not sure what their problems with testing Canadian is, but from some of the other blogs on DNA testing, it may not be a big loss for "us" Cannucks not to be able to test with them.