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July 29, 2016

Susan B. Anthony Paved the Way

Like Clinton or not, it's a historical moment. No other words needed, just read this story and check out all the names being added to the thank-you letter beside her grave.

As Hillary Clinton accepts the nomination, Susan B. Anthony gets thanks for paving the way


Now Voyager said...

Was it necessary to write, "like Clinton or not?" How about a simple acknowledgement of this historic event, without politicizing it. Some of us are proud and pleased that our work made this momentous occasion happen.

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Yes I felt it was necessary to acknowledge that the American election is hotly contested with two highly negative ranking candidates.

As a Canadian, American politics does not interest me. Although I confess that as a psychology major interested in human behaviour, it fascinates me this year.

As a female in her 60s I have fought for equal rights for many years and do remember what it was like to not be allowed to have a credit card in my name and not receive the same pay as a man working the same job and having certain occupations off-limits to me.

As a genealogist I am interested in history and in the truth. My post made the point, which apparently was missed, that even those who dislike Hillary should hopefully be able to rejoice in the amazing achievement she has made.