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July 6, 2013

Family Fun Day!

Family Fun Day!
 Today is our Annual Family Fun Day! I forget how long I've been hosting these, but at least 12 years.

We usually get about 30 family for it which isn't bad considering that every year we lose a few of the older generation. In fact, I am now part of  "the older generation"!

Today our youngest attendee will be my niece's one month old son, and our oldest will be my 90 year old aunt. I can't wait to get a photo of them together.

There's always tons of games and activities - both planned and free choice. Living on 100 acres allows us to put out lots of events that family can play or not as they choose. So we have things like archery, horseshoes, croquet, frisbee, football... some years we even have a golf driving range of sorts. (a few old clubs, a lot of golf balls, stand at the top of a small hill in one of our fields and you've got a driving range)

Every year I organize either a Scavenger Hunt (confined to two acres around the house) or an Amazing Race type event. These photos are from the Amazing Genealogy Race event we had a couple of years ago. That's right - I made sure every event was linked to an actual event that affected one of my ancestors

This year we're having an Eggsalent Adventure Scavenger Hunt with a couple of twists.

If you want to read about some of my former Family Fun Day ideas and activities, just click on Family Fun Day and Family Reunion

And now, I'm off to help hide those eggs!

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Mariann Regan said...

I like the photos, and I'm really impressed that you have 100 acres. Games are the best idea for a reunion . . . when we do another one, we'll have to try that.