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July 15, 2013

Olive Tree Genealogy Makes it to TV Again!

Olive Tree Genealogy Makes it to TV Again!
Imagine my surprise when CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) contacted me yesterday afternoon for my opinion on a story they were working on about 6 generations alive in Toronto.

They wanted to come up from Toronto to film me but realized I lived too far away for them to drive up, film me, drive back and get the tape edited before the news.

They asked if I was by any chance coming down to Toronto that day but that was out of the question so we settled on doing a Skype video interview which they would record. It was a very intriguing story since 6 generations living is pretty rare. I've only encountered two 5-generation living, one being my own daughter-in-law whose great grandmother is still alive, and never a 6 generation even though I've been a genealogist for over 40 years.

When you think about it, having 6 generations living with the oldest member only 86 (as in this family) means each mother had to be about 17 when she had her child. And the general rule of thumb in genealogy research is 25 years for each generation. Even taking 20 years as the generational rule of thumb means that even if the oldest person was 100 you would only have a 4 or 5 generation line living.

Anyway the interview was fun and I guess I offered something worthwhile as I didn't end up completely cut and on the editing room floor! They kept a few seconds of my interview. Here is the story online called 6 generations of same family living in Ontario and here is a link to the video clip which aired on The National on CBC last night. I appear about halfway through the video and yes, it's fun to be on TV but unsettling at the same time!

Oh and in case some of my readers are wondering about the use of the word "again" in the title of this blog post, I've been on CBC news previously when I helped research a soldier whose WW 1 letters were found in an attic in a Toronto home. See Olive Tree Genealogy CBC Interview Segment Tonight!


Diane Scannell said...

So proud and happy for you.

Celia Lewis said...

Oh my! Nice interview, Lorine (again)! And the family seems pretty happy, healthy, loving. When my 2 girls managed to get up to 21 and NOT be pregnant, I was so happy! My own 6 grandchildren only have their parents and grandparents. But I do have a photo of 4 generations - my daughter, me, mother, and grandmother - not so uncommon.

Sheri Fenley said...

Lorine Dahling - you are most certainly a Genea-Star!

CallieK said...

I saw the story and you on CBC - couldn't tell it was a Skype interview and I thought you added a nice note to the story. I was trying to do the math in my head quickly and I believe they reported that mom was 19, Grandma is 34, g-grandma is in her early 50's, gggrandma is late 60's and ggggrandma is in her 80's as you noted.

Mariann Regan said...

Terrific! Now that they have called you for another TV appearance, I'll bet that they will keep calling you! You are on their list.