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March 15, 2003

New York Times Ships Arrivals Extracts of Passenger Names 1851-1929

Thanks to volunteer transcriber Diane McClay, Olive Tree Genealogy has a new database online.

Diane is extracting and transcribing passenger names found in Notices of Arrivals, Departures and in Miscellaneous Articles in the New York Times

This project will transcribe names of passengers found in announcements and articles in the New York Times. There will be brief summaries of each ship arriving or leaving New York. If names of passengers were found, there will be a clickable link to take you directly to that list of names. This is an ongoing project, check back often to see what has been added.

If the date of arrival is known, you can read the arrival report in a New York newspaper. The New York Times is available at many libraries (publication began in September, 1851).

You can also search the NY Times online for a fee. Search 1857-1880 or 1881-1906 from the URL above.