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May 1, 2005

New for TheShipsList Website

*new* for TheShipsList website

posted by Sue Swiggum

All the new and updated files and databases have been placed
on their own page(s) Find them on the front page in between
the big arrows --------------> <---------------

At the bottom of each of these pages I have placed links
named " previous month " and " next month " so you are able
to navigate back and forth between the monthly *new &
updated* pages, as I only keep three months of *new* page
links on the Home page. New for April 30 2005 find . . .

o Passengers:
o ship Gipsy, from Southampton to Port Adelaide 15th
August 1853 o ship Magdalena, from Southampton to
Port Adelaide 25th August 1853 o ship Standard, from
Plymouth to Port Adelaide 13th October 1853

Three more lists 1853 passenger lists of assisted immigrants
to South Australia. We only have three left to complete the
year . . Neptune, Olivia and Epaminondas. Each of these
next three 1853 ships carried some of the Highlands &
Islands Emigration Society emigrants from the ill-fated
Hercules voyage. We
have already seen Calabar carry 10. The Neptune will have
63 more, the Olivia 25 and the Epaminondas 12. The David
Malcolm in 1854 will be the last to carry Hercules,
Highlands Society passengers to Adelaide. Others embarked
upon ships to Melbourne, with one ship to Geelong. One
ship, the Caroline, even carried 10 to Moreton Bay. Once
1853 is complete, I will begin 1849 . . with 27 passenger

Immigrants to South Australia, (UK, assisted passage)
1847-1886 index page

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