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August 4, 2005

Steve Morse One Step Search Engines for new site

Good news from Steve Morse! He has set up a One Step Search Tool for the new website

It's in the Castle Garden section of his website under the link "Castle Garden Passengers". There are two tools with that heading -- one that goes to the paid site and the other that goes to this new site which is free.

Some of things you can do from the one-step site that you can't do from directly are:

- You can specify all your parameters at one time.
- You can search on year of birth.
- You can search on the passengers age.
- You can specify how you want your results sorted.
- You can display more than 10 hits per page.

Steve also tells me that the site lacks the ability to do either a starts-with search or a sounds-like search. So there is no way you can search for all the variants of your family name. But they have assigned PIDs (passenger IDs) to all of the records in alphabetical order. So Steve wrote another utility (a Castle Garden Browser) that lets you scroll through the records sequentially to see if names adjacent to the one you found matches your family. That browser is in the Castle Garden section of Steve Morse Website.