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December 26, 2005

Steve Morse ONE STEP Search Engines updated!

Steve Morse has just added two new One-Step pages to his website

Both are people-finder tools. One interfaces to the new Public Records database at, and the other interfaces to a similar database at Both of these One-Step pages are in the "Births, Deaths, ..." section of his website, and have link names of "Public Records" and "Birthdates and Related Persons" respectively.

The ancestry Public Records database allows you to search by name and address. The results it displays back include the birthdate, but ancestry does not allow you to search on birthdate. The One-Step form overcomes this and allows you to search on birthdate. In fact, you can search on simply the first name and date of birth -- a very powerful technique if you are looking for married women and you don't know the married name. Such a search is not possible if you use the ancestry site directly.

Middle initial is another parameter that the One-Step form allows you to search on but the ancestry form does not.

The database lets you optionally enter the birthdate as one of the search parameters. But they do not display the birthdates on the results page. Note that's just the opposite of what ancestry does. However if you search the database from the One-Step form, the birthdates will be displayed on the results page.

So you can use either of these two new One-Step page for finding people's birthdays. Of course Steve's original"Birthdays" One-Step page, which uses the database, can also be used to find someone's birthday.