July 9, 2007

Ancestor Birth Record Finder

Can't find your ancestor in Birth records?

Most genealogists search Birth records such as Church records and Vital Stats (Birth Registrations or Certificates). If we don't find our ancestor in one of those birth records, we're stuck! Where to search next? My ABF (Ancestor Birth Finder) can help.

What happens when a child is born? When a woman becomes pregnant? What events take place around the birth of a child? What kind of birth record paper trail is created on the birth of an individual? The answers to these questions will lead you to other sources of birth records and hopefully end that brick-wall.

When an ancestor is born, many records leading up to and surrounding that birth might be created. Let's talk about records kept before an ancestor birth and those created after a birth.

Did your ancestor seek medical care while pregnant?

Look for records of your ancestor in health care records before birth such as:

* Hospital Records & Receipts
* Doctor's Bill & Receipts
* Druggist, Pharmacy and Store Bills & Receipts

The child is born- what happens now? There may be a newspaper account of the birth. There may be a doctor certificate of birth and possibly registration of the birth. A midwife may have been used

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