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August 27, 2007

Take Me to Scotland!

Was Great-Grandpa Scottish? Travel to the ancestral home, walk in the footsteps of the clans. In 2009, there will be a Gathering of the Clans, and a year-long celebration of Scottish history. Homecoming Scotland will mark the 250th birth anniversary of Scotland's greatest poet, Robert Burns.

For this once in a lifetime anniversary, experienced genealogists will verify and document your Scottish origins. Those whose Scottish ancestors are in the US or Canada can trace their family back to their ancestral origins in the Old Country (Scotland).

The Genealogy Team, with over 50 years of combined experience in Scottish genealogical research, have agreed to accept assignments through this Special Olive Tree Genealogy offer. Olive Tree Genealogy visitors can choose from a 10% discount on the first step of their journey (starting with your last known ancestor the Team will research 2 generations back in Scotland records) or a free consultation with The Genealogy Team

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