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November 3, 2007

What Genealogy Records Does Footnote Have?

After my announcement yesterday about the special 20% off discount for visitors who go to from, readers wrote with questions. I goofed in assuming that readers would know exactly what Footnote has!

Footnote has NARA documents that no other site has online. Footnote has Civil War Records including Confederate Soldiers. They have Navy Widows Certificates. They have so much I can't list all the databases here but to start, on Footnote you can search
« Naturalization Documents &
Naturalization Indexes

« Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783

« War of 1812

« Newspapers & Town Records

« Civil War Documents

Another thing I really like about is their Spotlights section. Spotlights are an easy way for visitors to highlight interesting images that you find on Footnote and share them with other people. I see that subscribers to Footnote are starting to Spotlight their own ancestors' records that they find. That's an intriguing way to use the Spotlight feature.

You can also add a Story Page where you become and author, and tell the rest of us something about a topic you find interesting. Free Masonry, Naturalization, Immigration Records, you name it, you can create a Story Page for it.

I hope this helps answer the questions I had about Footnote but there is lots more to discover on the site than what I've listed here

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