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August 28, 2008

It's a Small World After All

My husband's nephew is a blossoming genealogist. He suddenly expressed interest in his mother's family tree and of course my husband and I pounced! What more could genealogists ask for then to find fresh blood so to speak?

We showed him charts of his father's lines. We talked about genealogy resources. He was so interested that I gave him a list of questions to take to his maternal grandfather. A few days later he came back with the answers so I started researching.

Much to my surprise I found that he and one of my daughters-in-law share a common ancestor! Using the Kinship option of FTM I was able to see that they are 10th cousins twice removed.

I like to put things in a manner I can understand better. It is like my future 10th great grandchild hooking up with my sister's 10th great grandchild in the year 2175. I can't even begin to imagine that!

It's a small small world. It doesn't quite match me finding out that I am my father's 8th cousin once removed... but more on that in another post!

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