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November 5, 2009

Expert Connect Services has a very interesting custom research tool called Expert Connect.

Expert Connect services Expert Connect Services consist of five ways to get help with your family history research.

* Record Pickup: Save yourself a cross-country trip. Hire a researcher in another state to visit a specific archive, collect the record you need and mail it to you.

* Local Photo: Get a picture of your grandmother's headstone without leaving your living room. Pay a genealogist who lives near her old hometown to snap the photo for you.

* Ask an Expert: Pose a research question to a panel of experts, but only pay for the most useful answer. Then proceed with your research on your own.

* Record Lookup: Hire a professional to verify a hunch you have about an ancestor. Rely on an expert to identify the document you need and track it down for you.

* Custom Research: Outsource an entire section of your family tree, or recruit a seasoned genealogist for a project that's beyond your experience or time availability.

This is a great idea for those who live far from needed records, or are stuck on a difficult ancestor or who just need guidance in what to do next.

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