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July 12, 2010

Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane

Readers may recall that last week I asked for help organizing and preserving my family photos. Not the 19th Century ones or the pics of my mom and dad and their lives. I've got that covered. Where I needed help was with my own life photos - my children and their special family times.

As usual my wonderful readers had tons of great ideas. Following up on the idea of a feeder for my scanner I discovered that I have the power! The power of one touch buttons on my amazing scanner. It's fast and easy to scan six pictures at once. So I started sorting

Hubby brought up a long portable worktable and I began. I had him pull out tubs and albums. I then started sorting by events, years and people. I resisted the urge to take a pile as it began to grow and scan the pics. I forced myself to ignore thar lovely stack of first birthday party pics which I hadn't seen for many years. How I longed to scan them and print them off!

But I plodded on. The piles grew larger and I realized I needed somewhere to put them so I could stop then pick up where I left off. It was obvious this isn't going to be a one day job. More like weeks!!!

That's where my accordion file containers are proving useful. I've labelled the compartments with the events and years I'm using to sort - Xmas, birthdays, vacations and so on. As a pile of photos builds I toss them into the compartment.

Already I see real progress being made in those tubs of unsorted disorganized photos. It feels good. And I'm really excited to think that maybe next week I can start scanning and printing the photos. I plan to make booklets for each child.

Hopefully hubby won't mind the work table in the living room for several more weeks. As for me I'm taking a very long trip down memory lane as I sort. That might be what's slowing me down. After all with having had three husbands, three children, two step-children, nine grandchildren, four step-grandchildren it's no wonder I have so many photographs. But I wouldn't have it any other way.


Flowers said...

Some great ideas. I'm giving this to my poor husband who still has two trunks of old photos, letters, documents to go through. Thank you!

Geniaus said...

So pleased that my feeder suggestion has spurred you on. Isn't it wonderful reliving family events through family pix.