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September 20, 2012

Coupons for Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner & Using it to Archive a WW1 Photo Album

One of the really great things about  Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner (aside from how fast and easy it is to use) is the coupon deals they have! And right now there is a Fall Special on their scanners. Let me show you their specials first, then I'm going to walk you through how I'm using my Flip Pal Mobile scanner to scan and archive the loose photos in my WW1 Photo Albums.
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September 21-23
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The next stage of archiving the photos from my mother's cousin Doris was to remove all those pictures that were not glued down so I could scan and place them in the appropriate storage containers.

 My plan was to use my Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner to quickly and easily scan the loose photos. I was surprised at how easily photos came out of the earlier albums but many of them were put in with photo corners.

Using my Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner allowed me to sit on the couch and scan the photos  quickly, then import them into my computer.

 This is a photo of my mother, her father and mother and her sister, taken in Guelph Ontario ca 1918. It's easy to just pop the photo on the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner bed, close the lid and push the green button.
 See the image after I scanned the photo? It's in the top right window of the scanner. That allows me to verify if I am happy with the scan or want to redo it.
 Some of the photos had writing on the back so after I scan these two together, I'll turn them over and scan the back. Scanning the photos together is easy too. All I need to do when I import them to my computer is to make a copy, then crop the original scan to one photo, and the duplicate scan to the second photo

 Scanning is all done. I pop out the Flip-Pal Memory card, grab the USB converter (free with the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner) and I'm ready to plug them into my MacBook Air. (or any computer I want to put the photos on)
Now iPhoto is automatically importing all the scanned photos. The Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner comes with it's own software for importing or you can use whatever method you prefer.

And here is the scanned photo we saw at the top of this blog post. I cropped it after scanning and importing to my computer. This photo was taken ca 1918 and shows my grandmother, grandfather, my mother (front left) and my aunt.

Next comes the fun of cropping, enhancing and enlarging all the scanned photos! I've already spotted several early never-before-seen pictures of my mother as a toddler and a teenager, as well as some wonderful photos of her father - the grandfather I never knew.

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