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October 13, 2012

Case No. 16: George Coleman Dog Tags Need to Go Home

A. J. asked for help returning a found WW2 Dog Tag. Here is his email to Olive Tree Genealogy:

Hi Lorine from a very wet Isle of Anglesey in North Wales UK
My father who was a cinema manager in Amlwch Anglesey found two dog tags which I have in my possession and would be grateful if you could repatriate.
Details on the tags are
34245523 T42-43 0

and a small p in the bottom right hand side of the tag
Hopefully my readers will be able to help A.J.  and send George Coleman's Dog Tags home

Please note that Case #15 was sent to me as a comment on blog posts. That doesn't work well. I need to have a name and email so I can forward private details that are found by my generous readers.  It is also best to send me a photo or scan of the dog tag. So please be sure to send your emails to me directly at

Please see our other Soldiers cases if you want to help send a dog tag home to the family


Anonymous said...

Found this recently:

No mention of family. The "P" is for Protestant

Anonymous said...

The "P" in the corner is, I believe, for "Protestant".