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January 2, 2013

The Facey Loveseat, Still in the Family After 5 Generations

Loveseat and Chair Today
Hubs' 2nd great-grandfather Samuel Facey and his wife Margaret Wilford owned this loveseat and chair circa 1900.
Private Collection B. Massey

The photo with the young girl shows the loveseat in the home of their daughter Mary Louise Elgie (nee Facey). That is hubs' mother sitting on it. Mary Louise was her grandmother.

And in this photo taken today, the loveseat is in a new home and hubs' mother is seated on it.

Facey Family St. Mary's Ontario Canada
Photo courtesy of D. Bobo
In this photo below of the Facey family outside their home south of St. Mary's Ontario, they carried the loveseat outside to sit on.

Samuel is holding his grandsons Warren Haves and Harry Elgie.  Sitting beside him on the loveseat are his son-in-law William Elgie and William's wife Mary Louise Facey (Samuel and Margaret's daughter).

Isn't it wonderful that 5 generations of Facey descendants have owned and cared for this parlour set?

Hubs' nephew has a young daughter and the next time they visit his grandmother's home we are going to take a photo with hubs, his mom, hubs' nephew and the daughter.

That will make the daughter the 7th generation in the family to sit on the loveseat. Perhaps one day it will be hers.

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