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January 18, 2016

Don't Miss the Rural Diary Archive

This is a very fascinating site online! From the website:

Would you like to experience daily life in the 1800s? Now you can. For several years I have used rural diaries in my research on Upper Canada (the province of Ontario). These precious old documents, often fading and brittle, are scattered in various archives. Now they have been gathered together in the Rural Diary Archive for researchers to access and enjoy online. The website showcases over 130 diarists from across Ontario from 1800-1960. The full texts of selected nineteenth-century diaries are available to read, search, and transcribe and more are continuously being added

Continue reading at Rural Diaries Online: Experience Daily Life in the Backwoods


T said...

I've started reading some of these. Very interesting. I wish there was a forward arrow, though, because I kept loosing my place when I went back to the home page.

Jo Henn said...

I can't wait to start reading these! I love things that give insight into how my ancestors lived and I have in that area in the covered years. Thank you for sharing it. I have included this post in my current NoteWorthy Reads post: